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Wound Care Aged Care Series Introduction

Welcome to the comprehensive workbook designed to support nurses in enhancing their expertise in wound management within the unique context of aged care settings. This course encompasses a wide array of crucial topics that cater to the diverse and specialised needs of elderly people. From understanding and adhering to Aged Care Standards, Quality Indicators, and the Code of Conduct to delving into the intricacies of wound management standards, legal and ethical practices, and skin anatomy, this course equips nurses with the knowledge and skills necessary for optimal care.

As we navigate the workbook, we will explore the intricacies of wound healing physiology, delve into the importance of skincare and frailty, and learn the essentials of wound assessment and documentation. The integration of photography as a tool for comprehensive wound documentation will be covered, offering a valuable skill set for effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Our journey continues with a focus on product selection, addressing moisture-associated skin damage, and understanding the challenges presented by skin tears. We will explore the complexities of wound infection and the growing concern of antimicrobial resistance. The course also provides in-depth coverage of leg ulceration, oedema management, pressure injury development, and effective strategies for pressure injury management.

The course includes knowledge and performance assessments at various intervals to reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained. Additionally, practical learning is enhanced through demonstration videos presented in this Clinical Training Made Easy-Aged Care Series. These videos offer a valuable visual aid, facilitating a better understanding of best practices in wound management.

This workbook is meticulously curated to empower nurses with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to provide exceptional wound care within the dynamic and challenging aged care landscape. Embrace this learning journey, and let’s work together to elevate the standard of care for our older adults to whom we are privileged to provide care.

Course resources, including article summaries, recommended readings and reference lists, are available for download to support your learning within each lesson in the material tab.

Click here to Download the Online Course Workbook.

To support your learning, we have created a Wound Care Aged Care Series Workbook to help you take notes as you work through the modules. Please feel free to print this out and use it to guide you through the course.

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