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Skin & Wound Care Essentials Online Course Introduction

Welcome to the Skin & Wound Care Essentials Online course, where we will guide you, a dedicated Personal Care Assistant (PCA), with the essential skills and knowledge to provide excellent care in maintaining skin integrity among elderly residents in aged care settings.

During your training, you will learn how to identify and review different skin conditions. This will help you take the right steps to prevent damage to the skin of elderly residents you are caring for. You will also learn practical skills that you can use on the job through practice activities. This will ensure that you provide the best possible care when it comes to skin and wound management.

As a Personal Care Assistant (PCA), you play an essential role in providing expert and compassionate care to the elderly. This course offers comprehensive learning experiences on various skin and wound care topics. You will learn how to identify skin conditions, implement preventive measures, and provide appropriate care. The course is designed to empower you to excel in your role, helping you improve the quality of life of the elderly under your care.

We encourage you to engage with the material, participate in practical activities, and reflect on the important impact you can make as a PCA. By striving to enhance and grow, you demonstrate your commitment to the well-being and contentment of the seniors under your care.

Let’s begin our journey of transformation together. You will receive the tools you need to provide excellent care, promote well-being, and preserve the skin health of older adults who depend on your knowledge and skills. Let’s start now!

Course resources, including article summaries, recommended readings and reference lists, are available for download to support your learning within each lesson in the material tab.

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