Skin & Wound Care Essentials

Skin & Wound Care Essentials

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This valuable training is designed for PCAs to improve their function in the health care team. Understanding the vulnerability of the older adult and identifying and protecting them from potential harm is a pivotal role of the PCA.

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Course Overview

Aging and illness can result in the skin integrity becoming vulnerable to skin breakdown or undergo delays in wound healing. Particularly in frail or elderly persons experiencing declining mobility, poor circulation, incontinence, and nutrition deficiencies. The Personal Care Assistants (PCA) role includes personal care tailored to each consumer’s needs. To optimise the skin health and well-being of such high-risk populations, the PCA must gain skills and knowledge to deliver quality care that is effective, safe, based on best practices and aligns with aged care standards and quality indicators.

On completion of the Skin & Wound Care Essentials training, the PCA will demonstrate confidence in the practical observations of skin and appropriately respond with prompt actions to prevent skin breakdown. Daily monitoring, which recognises the potential for skin conditions and effectively reports their observations to the nurse, will highlight the trained PCA’s key role within the aged care team.

Course Subjects

  • Introduction & Conclusion
  • Standards for the PCA
  • Stop, Watch & Report
  • Clinical Photography
  • Anatomy & Skin Frailty
  • Skin Inspection
    • Skin Care
    • Foot Care
  • Skin Tear 1st Aid
  • Wet Skin Conditions
  • Leg Oedema care
  • Pressure Injury Development
  • Pressure Injury Prevention & Equipment

Course Duration

5 Hours Direct Learning
5 Hours of Indirect Learning including Knowledge & Performance Assessments Online

Entry Requirements

  • Australian Qualification Framework Certificate II or III, or at least one year of relevant experience
  • Access to a computer with internet
  • The provision of computer programs and completing an online assessment
  • Ability to upload files
  • Employer support recommended

Training Features

This valuable training is designed for PCAs to improve their function in the health care team. Understanding the vulnerability of the older adult and identifying and protecting them from potential harm is a pivotal role of the PCA. The PCA will develop the skills and knowledge to safely care for the vulnerable person and have confidence in observing and accurately reporting findings for prompt action. Consumers, families, and managers will recognise and become reassured of the workforce’s capability to deliver safe, effective care. The course aligns with aged care quality indicators, standards, and national wound management standards. It has been developed by accessing the best available evidence and translating this information into an essential program for PCAs. The training is delivered by a Nurse Practitioner who is realistic and practical when educating and understanding the critical contribution PCAs bring to the vulnerable people in their care.

Study Method

  • Self-paced access to online presentations
  • Online workbook knowledge assessment
  • Demonstrated performance task assessment

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the student will:

  • Describe the signs of aging and how it affects the skin.
  • Recognise skin frailty and the causes that expose the vulnerability of the elderly to suffer skin conditions.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate application of skills and knowledge in the prevention and care of skin conditions
  • Implement a process to observe and accurately report unusual signs. Escalating issues of concern competently to the nursing staff.


Margo Asimus created history in 2004 when she became the first authorised Nurse Practitioner specialising in Wound Management in Australia. She has spent most of her career working in public hospitals and community health services in NSW. In 2016, Margo founded Skin & Wound Care Consultancy, which provides advanced wound management services. With nearly 30 years of experience in this specialty, Margo has received national recognition, presented at numerous events across Australia and overseas, authored publications, and served as one of the Editors of the Australian text ‘Wound Management for the Advanced Practitioner’. She has also held leadership roles, including the past presidency of the Hunter, NSW, and Wounds Australia, and was awarded life memberships for these organisations.

More recently, Margo has been committed to enabling clinicians and personal care assistants to gain more confidence in skin & wound care through easily accessible online training. In 2020, she launched Wound Education, a platform that offers practical base training for participants.

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